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Zach is a certified workplace culture trainer with Ta'amod.

Ta’amod: Stand Up! transforms Jewish life by equipping institutions and individuals with the resources they need to build healthy, safe, equitable and accountable workplaces and communal spaces. Applying frameworks of Jewish wisdom and accountability, Ta’amod creates Jewish cultural shifts by helping communities live into alignment with their values.


Through our cutting edge, research-based curriculum, Ta’amod provides comprehensive harassment prevention training, workshops, consultation, coaching and referrals to help foster organizational and communal culture shifts. We bring a unique and acute understanding of Jewish organizational dynamics and the landscape of the Jewish nonprofit world to meet our partners where they're at and offer a holistic lens that approaches cultural change from within and across the whole organization. In this way, we help our organizations move beyond reacting to problems when they arise and instead support them to be the healthiest and best workplaces they can be.

The strongest personal theme I took away was to be much more open and perceptive. Taking the time to accurately understand a person’s intent, emotions, needs, and desires rather than forming a hypothesis based on limited information filtered through my own experiences and biases.

Core Training
Designed for all staff from C-suite to interns, participants learn the fundamentals of building healthy workplace culture. Core Training provides a safe space for learning through interactive discussion, case studies, and role play. During our personalized intake and debrief process, our team learns about your organization and helps you consider practical next steps to integrating skills once training is complete.

Single session or multi-part series, these workshops are taught with the same interactive framework as Core Training, our workshops are tailored to a specific topic, audience, or area of your choosing. Talk to us about what you have in mind and we’ll work together to meet your needs.

Speak directly with a member of our senior staff in a safe, judgment-free space with the additional comfort of being one on one. Together we’ll problem-solve to identify attainable next steps to move you toward fostering a healthy, safe, and equitable organizational culture.

Our content can readily be formatted for conferences, webinars, and events. We cover topics such as psychological safety and power & identity in the workplace all through a Jewish lens. Our senior leaders ensure this vital content can be accessible to a wide range of audiences.

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