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Zach is a certified workplace culture trainer with Ta'amod.

Ta’amod: Stand Up! has developed an unprecedented training curriculum specifically for Jewish communal institutions and all who work, learn, or worship at them to prevent gender harassment and abuse by creating safe, respectful, equitable Jewish workplace culture. The program utilizes a lens of Jewish values and ethics while also providing legally compliant training to make harassment intrinsically less likely. Ta’amod brings this work to the Jewish community including nonprofit organizations, congregations, and schools. 

The strongest personal theme I took away was to be much more open and perceptive. Taking the time to accurately understand a person’s intent, emotions, needs, and desires rather than forming a hypothesis based on limited information filtered through my own experiences and biases.

Ta’amod offers the only national workplace respect training framed in Jewish content and guiding principles. The training was developed by workplace culture and investigation expert Fran Sepler, making it a legally compliant training for organizations that must meet state harassment training requirements.

Research shows that standard legal and web-based prevention training have little to no impact on workplace conduct and culture. In fact, most research shows that these programs have a tendency to amplify pre-existing biases and generate a backlash effect, perpetuating the problems they seek to address.

Trainings can serve nonprofits, foundations, synagogues, schools, and universities and is accessible for diverse audiences and constituencies. This includes flexibility and tailoring of Jewish content. Training is offered separately for non-managerial employees and supervisors.

The Ta’amod training is unlike any anti-harassment training you have ever received. This program seeks to raise the standard in the Jewish workplace from compliance to compassion and it recognizes that harassment is a symptom of a greater problem: a lack of safety and respect in our institutional cultures.

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